Representative Reid Ribble's Biography

Representative Reid Ribble is a third generation Wisconsin resident. Born in Neenah and graduating from Appleton East High School, Reid followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the family’s roofing business; he worked his way up to president in 1981. Reid ran the company for more than three decades.

During his two terms in Congress, Reid has been actively involved in promoting policy reforms to make the government more accountable to taxpayers while also growing the American economy and creating jobs.

Reid serves on the Budget Committee, the Agriculture Committee, and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

On the House Budget Committee, Reid has focused on passing his biennial budgeting legislation. This bill was approved by the House Budget Committee in February 2014 on a wide bipartisan vote. Reid also worked to pass No Budget, No Pay, a piece of legislation that would require both the House and Senate to craft a budget before April 15th, or members of Congress would not receive their paychecks. This legislation was signed into law. Reid has also introduced several bills to implement term limits for members of Congress and cosponsored legislation scaling back benefits for elected officials.

On the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Reid was instrumental in ensuring that the recent Highway Bill was signed into law. Reid also led the effort to streamline and update federal project review processes to ensure quicker response times so construction projects can start faster, cost less, and protect their surrounding environments.

Reid worked on the Agriculture Committee to pass the 2014 Farm Bill that saved tens of billions of dollars in wasteful and outdated programs.  For Wisconsin, the bill eliminates outdated direct subsidies and instead helps dairy farmers to manage their risk, while also providing important regulatory relief for Wisconsin’s forestry and fruit and vegetable sectors.

Reid has been happily married to his wife DeaNa for 38 years. They have two children and two grandchildren.