John Boehner on the Issue:

First and foremost, I believe in protecting state and local control of education. Our kids’ futures are best decided by parents, teachers, and those at the state and local levels – not by Washington politicians.

I also believe that making post-secondary education more accessible and affordable is, without a doubt, one of the most important things we can do to support hardworking families and fuel economic growth. It’s why I backed taking the politics out of student loans by tying interest rates to the market – making paying for college and getting a good education easier for students and families and fairer for taxpayers. And it’s why House Republicans have passed a number of bills to make tuition more affordable and college more accessible.

As Congress prepares for the Higher Education Act reauthorization, I will continue to fight for expanded access to higher education for low and middle-income students by: strengthening Pell Grants, student aid, student access, and minority serving institutions; reducing red tape for students and graduates; removing barriers for non-traditional students; and empowering consumers through ‘sunshine’ and transparency in college costs and accreditation.”

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