Teachers' Corner

Welcome to the Teachers' Corner of Congressman Lipinski's online office. On this page you will find links to lesson plans and educational information that can help teachers connect with students from kindergarten through high school.

The Department of Education's Teachers' Page provides lesson plans as well as tools for student success, links to teaching fellowships, and ways to improve reading skills, math skills, and overall teacher quality.

Teachers interested in helping their students find federal aid programs and scholarships for college can access a list of funding resources here.

Click on the following cabinet departments to access lesson plans, activities, experiments, and additional teaching and student resources relating to the department's specific focus. For example, the Department of Energy offers guides to conducting science experiments, while the Treasury and Labor Departments provide money calculators to help educators teach their students about budgeting, inflation, and saving.

Educators teaching social studies, American government, American history, or civics can take online courses at Congress in the Classroom to discover new lesson plans and ways to engage their students in learning about the legislative branch.

Click here to access the Educator's Reference Desk. This site provides teachers with over 2,000 lesson plans, 3,000 links to online education information, and an archive of 200 question responses, as well as links to help with counseling, evaluating, and classroom management.

C-SPAN in the Classroom provides free primary source materials including videos that allow educators to make their government and social studies lesson plans more interactive.

Teachnology.com features an extensive list of pre-made lesson plans and printable worksheets on a wide range of subjects.

Educators interested in learning about the latest Congressional legislation relating to teachers and educational issues can visit the websites of the House of Representatives' Committee on Education and Labor and the Senate's Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.