On March 6, 2014, Rep. Edwards introduced the S.O.S. (Stop Overdose Stat) Act of 2014.

From Huffington Post:

Today, overdose prevention advocates and drug policy reformers are feeling some wind beneath their wings as a result of a statement by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder encouraging expanded access to the overdose reversal medicine naloxone. This DOJ naloxone shout-out comes within just days of Congresswoman Donna Edwards introducing her federal overdose prevention legislation, the S.O.S. (Stop Overdose Stat) Act, which would help bring urgently needed federal dollars to tackle the overdose crisis in a variety of ways, including naloxone access. While it's no doubt exciting and gratifying to see the AG giving naloxone some props, it's all too easy to forget that naloxone alone is not going to get us out of the overdose jam we're in. It's a complex problem. It requires a comprehensive and sophisticated strategy, including and -- even beyond -- naloxone and Good Samaritan laws.


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