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RSVP: Lame Duck & the 114th Congress

Congress is back in what is commonly referred to as the ‘Lame Duck Session’. With less than ten legislative days before the New Year, a number of vital issues await action. From immigration, ISIL and the budget to the tax code and infrastructure, you deserve to know the facts about what we will be debating over the next few weeks - and in the 114th Congress.

On Tuesday, November 25th, I will be hosting a community forum from 6PM-8PM at East Hartford High School on both the Lame Duck Session and the new, incoming Congress. I look forward to providing you with the latest facts on major issues faced by Washington now and over the next two years, as well as information on the makeup of our new Congress. As always, you will also be provided an opportunity to ask questions throughout.

Tuesday, November 25, 6PM-8PM
East Hartford High School, East Lecture Hall
869 Forbes Street, East Hartford, CT 06118
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