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When he isn’t in Washington, Congressman Larson is working with the people of Connecticut. While Larson spends over thirty weeks each year dealing with legislative issues in our nation’s capital, you can often find him hosting or participating in a variety of forums and events across the first district.

Whether he is speaking with students at a local school or presenting a veteran with military medals, Congressman Larson looks to answer to your questions, concerns and inform you on what is going on in Washington when he is in Connecticut.

In order to inform you on the latest news and initiatives in Washington, Larson often holds community forums in cities and towns in the First District. While discussions range from social, economic and policy issues, Congressman Larson always allows ample time for those who attend to ask questions. For alerts on upcoming community forums please sign up for Congressman Larson’s e-newsletter here.

Congressman Larson frequently shares what he is working on in Connecticut's First District and in Washington. For more information on what Congressman Larson has been up to recently, follow the links in the below summaries:


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