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Exposing G.O.P. Myths

REPUBLICANS AT ODDS WITH THE FACTS ON DOMESTIC OIL PRODUCTION: The Energy Information Administration (EIA) confirms that oil production from federal lands has been higher each year of the Obama Administration than any of the last three years of the Bush administration.  In fact, total oil production from federal lands has increased by 12% under the Obama Administration.   And in every single year of the Obama administration, oil production has been higher than any of the last three years of the Bush administration. 

REPUBLICANS IGNORE FACT THAT OIL COMPANIES ARE REFUSING TO PRODUCE OIL ON MILLIONS OF ACRES OF ALREADY LEASED LAND: Ignoring the fact that 8 years of increased domestic oil production has decreased our dependency on foreign oil, Republicans still cling to the old argument that oil companies need more access to federal land. Democrats have a better idea - oil companies should start producing on the permits they already have.

CONTRARY TO GOP CLAIMS, WE CAN'T DRILL OUR WAY TO LOWER GAS PRICES: Today, America is producing more oil, importing less foreign oil, and running more drilling rigs than anywhere else in the world. Yet the amount of oil we drill at home doesn't set the price of gas on its own. That is why we need an "all of the above" approach to develop new domestic energy sources, expand oil and gas production, and reduce our overall reliance on oil through fuel efficiencies and the development of renewable energy.  

GOP SENATORS AGREE: SENATE PASSED 'BUDGET AGREEMENT' IN AUGUST: The Budget Control Act, passed by the Senate in August, set the federal budget for fiscal years 2012 and 2013 - a fact acknowledged in recent months by leading Senate Republicans.

BOEHNER'S SO-CALLED 'CONFEREES' ARE OPPONENTS OF PAYROLL TAX CUT: In case it wasn't already clear that the House GOP's call for a "conference committee" was simply a ploy to bury the payroll tax cut, just look at who Speaker Boehner has selected to "negotiate" for the House GOP.  It's a veritable "who's who" of payroll tax cut opponents. 

Minutes Apart, Cantor and Boehner Claimed That They've Always Wanted A Full Year Extension: Minutes apart from each other both Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor claimed that they have always wanted a yearlong extension of the payroll tax cut.  The number one and number two in the House GOP leadership forgot one thing though, their past opposition to a yearlong extension. 

A POLITE REMINDER FOR SPEAKER BOEHNER: Note to Speaker Boehner: just because Republicans keep rejecting every balanced offer coming from Democrats doesn't mean they never existed.

THE EVIDENCE IS CLEAR: REPUBLICAN RECKLESSNESS CAUSED DOWNGRADE: S&P confirms that Republican brinksmanship undermined AAA credit rating.

THERE THEY GO AGAIN: GOP LAWMAKERS, IGNORING REAGAN, STILL DOWNPLAY CONSEQUENCES OF A DEFAULT: Nearly 25 years after gipper warned against playing politics with debt limit, house conservatives still ignore dire warnings.

WHAT'S CHANGED IN TWELVE HOURS?  Moments Ago on the Senate Floor Senator McConnell Objected to A Request to Vote on the House GOP's Bill... But That isn't What He Said Yesterday Afternoon.

THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE "GOP JOBS BILL: Republican Senators are attempting to amend the bipartisan VOW to Hire Heroes Act with their so-called jobs bill-a bill that would actually hurt the economy and cost Americans jobs  Below is the only thing you need to know about the GOP's effort to weigh down a bipartisan veterans jobs bill with one that kills jobs.