Attorneys develop legislative drafting skills within the Office over a period of years. When vacancies occur in the legal staff of the Office, new attorneys are usually chosen from among applicants who have superior law school records and who are interested in public service.

The support staff of the Office is composed of an Office Manager, an Assistant Office Manager, staff assistants, and a receptionist.

Since the Office provides technical legal services on a nonpolitical and confidential basis, and must be impartial in appearance as well as in fact, active public participation in political matters is regarded as a disqualification for appointment or retention. No change in personnel of the Office has resulted from any change in political control of the Senate.

Persons interested in a position as an attorney in the office should contact the recruitment committee. Those interested in support staff positions should contact the Office Manager. All inquiries should be directed to:

Office of the Legislative Counsel
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510-7275
(202) 224-6461

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