Through my office, you may purchase flags to be flown over the U. S. Capitol to commemorate an anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion. These flags will be subsequently sent to an address you provide. The flag will come with an official certificate that states that it has flown over the Capitol, and includes a dedication of your choice.

Flags are available in either nylon or cotton and come in sizes from 3'x5' to 5'x8'. All flags flown over the Capitol are made in America.

Payment for flags must be received before processing your request. Checks and money orders made payable to "Rosa DeLauro Office Supply Account" are the two accepted methods of payment.

Please use this form to submit your flag order.

Please allow up to three months for processing time and delivery.

To help you learn more about the proper way to display your flag, the Congressional Research Service has prepared this special report on flag etiquette.