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Giving Thanks With a Focus on the Future


This past Thursday, I hope you had the opportunity to gather with friends and family and celebrate a happy Thanksgiving filled with food and fellowship. While we take time this holiday season to remember all that we have to be thankful for, we also remember those in our community who need our thoughts and prayers. And we give thanks and pray for the brave men and women who are protecting and defending our great nation at home and around the world.


Indeed, events of this past week remind us that as we focus on building and restoring economic strength and opportunity in our communities, we cannot lose sight of what is at stake for America's leadership and strength abroad. On Monday morning, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced he would be resigning his post. Secretary Hagel should be commended for his lifetime of service to our nation. What’s needed now as ever is an honest debate about the Obama Administration’s floundering foreign policy. Left unaddressed, it will only foment more unrest and instability around the world and put in jeopardy America’s security and our national interests.


We saw a clear example of the president's foreign policy fumbles with the announcement later on Monday that there would be an extension of talks between the international community and Iran over its nuclear ambitions. With another extension, Iran is simply buying itself more time to avoid accountability. A responsible and prudent response would be for the United States to lead our allies in an increase in sanctions against the Iranian regime.


Today, America faces a myriad of challenges. If we keep our focus on positive, principled solutions, we will fulfill our obligation to leave a stronger nation to the next generation of leaders. Folks like the students at Cambridge High School who I had the opportunity to meet and speak with last week. We had a great discussion about a number of different issues, and I was so impressed by their thoughtful questions. You can view pictures of our conversation by clicking here and visiting my Facebook page.