Policies Governing the Performance of Duties

While attorneys in the Office do not participate in the formulation of legislative policy, attorneys do discuss the intended policy to ascertain the policy accurately and in adequate detail to draft a bill or amendment that is effective to carry out the intended policy.

The Office serves the committees of the Senate and individual Senators without regard to political considerations. The Committee on Rules and Administration of the Senate establishes the order of priority to be given by the Office to requests for service. The order of priority currently in effect is as follows: (1) measures in conference; (2) amendments to measures pending on the floor of the Senate; (3) amendments to measures pending before committees; and (4) preparation of measures for introduction in the Senate. Within each of these categories, the Office gives priority to requests on the basis of the time of receipt.

All service is provided on a confidential basis, and care is taken to prevent any violation of confidence.

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