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Congressional Press Accreditation Application Process

Congressional Press accreditation for magazines, newsletters, non-daily newspapers, and on-line publications are handled through the Periodical Press Gallery. All reporters interested in obtaining a Congressional press pass should first read and review the rules and regulations of the Periodical Press Gallery. If you presume you and your publication qualify for credentials, please review the relevant instructions for your situation (Renewing, New or Foreign applicant) in order to complete the application process.

The Periodical Press Gallery is unique in that the administrative duty of credentialing our correspondents rotates between the House and Senate offices. We rotate this responsibility every four years. The Senate Periodical Press Gallery is currently in charge of administering credentials. 

All gallery members are prohibited from lobbying the government, being employed by the government, or providing clients with consulting or public relations services. No part of your publishing family or parent organization may be involved in providing representation services, feasibility or marketing studies, nor be engaged in research or analysis not available to all subscribers. Gallery members must be principally engaged in the gathering and reporting of news.

If you have any questions regarding the credentialing process, please email the Senate Periodical Press Gallery periodicals@saa.senate.gov or call 202-224-0265.