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Medical Technology is an exciting field because it so routinely revolutionizes medical care and improves patient lives. The industry also provides high-paying jobs for millions of Americans. Please share your med tech story with us. How has a medical device changed your life? How has your medical technology company innovated and grown?

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  • Paralyzed woman moves robotic arm with her thoughts

    A paralyzed Massachusetts woman picked up a bottle of coffee and sipped from it by moving a robotic arm with her thoughts, researchers reported Wednesday – the latest advance in the race to restore movement to people who have lost control of their m

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  • Taxing jobs out of existence

    Bill Hewlett and David Packard, tinkering in a California garage, began what became Hewlett-Packard. Steve Jobs and a friend built a computer in the California garage that became Apple's birthplace. Bill Cook had no garage, so he launched Cook Medical

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  • Paulsen: Med-tech tax repeal vote may come this year

    The medical device tax repeal effort is likely to hit the U.S. House floor this year, Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.) said during an exclusive interview with MassDevice.

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