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Family Values

Protecting Family Values

I believe my values are shared with most Mississippians. As a Southern Baptist, I am a strong supporter of Christian family values.  I do not support gay marriage and believe in the traditional definition of marriage. 

In my first term in Congress, I voted for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Despite being signed into law on September 21, 1996, President Obama’s instructed the U.S. Department of Justice not to defend DOMA in the courts.  I was deeply troubled by the President's decision. Despite this decision, DOMA will remain in effect unless Congress repeals it or the Supreme Court strikes it down. 
Unelected judges in some states have taken it upon themselves to alter the legal definition of marriage to mean something other than a union between one man and one woman.  It is important that those states do not impose their laws on Mississippi and other states that have rejected attempts to redefine marriage. 


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