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Photograph of Mr. Schiappa
David  Schiappa
Republican Secretary

David J. Schiappa was born November 3, 1962 in Washington D.C.  He has a B.A. from University of Maryland and a M.S. from Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School.  Mr. Schiappa began work in the United States Senate in 1984 in the Senate Republican Cloakroom.  In 1994, Republicans regained the Majority and Mr. Schiappa became the Republican Floor Assistant under the direction of the Secretary for the Majority.  He was appointed the Assistant Secretary for the Majority in 1996 and served in that capacity until August, 2001 when he was elected to the post of Secretary for the Minority.  Mr. Schiappa became the Secretary for the Majority when the Republicans took  the majority in the 108th Congress and became Secretary for the Minority at the beginning of the 110th Congress.  Mr. Schiappa is married, has two children, and resides in Davidsonville, Maryland.


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