New Dem Statement on the Health Reform Draft Legislation

Jul 15, 2009 Issues: Health Care

Washington, DC - Today, members of the leadership of the New Democrat Coalition issued the following statement in response to the release of America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.


"We commend House Leadership and the Tri-Committees on their work to bring health reform to the forefront of our domestic policy agenda. We share the Leadership's desire to enact comprehensive health reform legislation this year, and appreciate the priority that has been placed on collaborating with members of our Coalition. The bill introduced today is an important part of the process of developing legislation and we are committed to ensuring that any bill enacted by the House makes the necessary changes to our health care system to lower the cost of health care, improve quality, and provide stability for American families and businesses.

"Health care costs affect every single American and it is important, now more than ever, that we reform our health care system for the economic future of this country and the health of all Americans. Inaction will lead to increased health care costs and more businesses that cannot afford to provide access to health insurance for their employees. We need to stabilize health care costs, while reforming our delivery system to ensure we are encouraging quality, affordable care for Americans.

"The New Dems remain committed to enacting health reform that will benefit hard-working Americans. We applaud the Committees for their work on this issue, however, the introduction of the American's Affordable Health Choices Act signals the beginning of the legislative process, both here in the House and Senate. That is why, in the coming days, the New Dems will continue our work with House Leadership and the Committees of jurisdiction to ensure our remaining concerns are addressed in the bill, including making further reforms to our delivery system to reimburse based on quality and not the quantity of care, stabilizing coverage and costs for American families and small businesses, and bending the cost curve on health care spending growth."

Statement supported by New Democrat Coalition Leadership Members Representative Joseph Crowley (NY-07), Representative Ron Kind (WI-03), Representative Melissa Bean (IL-08) and Representative Adam Smith (WA-09).

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