America has the highest quality health care of any country in the world, but when millions of Americans can’t afford it and are left on the outside looking in, we’ve got a crisis. The inefficiencies in our health care delivery system equate to Americans paying more for health care than any other country in the world—both per capita ($6,714) and as a percentage of GDP (16%). With millions uninsured, hospitals barely able to make a profit, doctors unrewarded for keeping people healthy, and consumers facing higher and higher costs, something must be done.

My plan will cut costs, increase access, and restore true choice by:

• Erasing arbitrary rules that currently restrict consumers from purchasing across state lines.
• Prohibiting insurers from discriminating against a consumer based on pre-existing conditions, one’s health history or future risk.
• Making insurance plans portable so if you change jobs, you don’t have to change plans.
• Mandating all insurance providers describe their plans with plain language so consumers know what they are getting.
• Allowing small businesses, the self-employed, and others to band together and purchase health insurance at lower costs resulting in more coverage for more people.
• Passing comprehensive medical liability reform that will prohibit frivolous lawsuits that cost our country $126 billion every year and allow doctors to freely provide the best care possible.
• Offering immediate and substantial financial assistance, through new refundable and advanceable tax credits to the working poor.
• Promoting prevention and wellness by giving employers and insurers greater flexibility to financially reward employees who seek to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, quit smoking, and manage chronic illnesses like diabetes.
• Rewarding high-quality care, instead of encouraging health care providers to order more and unnecessary services.

To read more about my plan and to compare it to the Democrat health plan, please click on any link below.  I have also attached links to the web site which contains the Republican health care option and other valuable resources. See also link to joint economic committee chart on how Pelosi plan creates a mega-bureaucracy. web site link:


Joint Economic Committee link:

Mega-Bureaucracy: J.E.C. Chart Shows Speaker Pelosi’s New Bill Will Create Unprecedented Health Care Labyrinth