Zachary Guill - Graduate

May 11, 2011
Congressman Dave Reichert and Zachary Guill
Zachary Guill - Graduate

As the House marked a major Transition to the 112th Congress in January 2011, the Wounded Warrior Program celebrated a milestone of its own.

Zachary Guill became the first WWP fellow to be hired as a full-time House staff member.

Guill, one of the first fellows to join the WWP, was promoted to a full-time position in the district office of Rep. Dave Reichert.  “Zack is an intelligent, hard-working, and capable young man who has proven himself as an asset to our team and to the residents of our district,” Reichert said in a press release. 

As a sergeant in the Army, Guill’s goal had been to work as a Secret Service agent or U.S. Marshal.  Those plans changed in December 2006 during Guill’s second deployment to Iraq (he also served a tour in Afghanistan).  An improvised explosive device went off under Guill’s vehicle while he was on patrol in Baqubah, Iraq, severely damaging the 26-year-old’s back and right leg. 

During and after his arduous recovery, Guill felt compelled to help other wounded veterans.  “I’m an active person who can’t just sit by and not take action,” he explains.  Working with the Army’s Rear Detachment Operations, Guill assisted returning veterans to ensure they received proper care. He also advised soldiers preparing to deploy for the first time. 

His time in the military up, Guill found his way to the Wounded Warrior Program and Rep. Reichert in late 2008.  As a constituent services liaison, Guill manages case work related to military and veterans affairs as well as social security and other issues.

“I speak to groups and meet new people all the time,” Guill, said of his job.  “It has helped me build confidence and make contacts in the community.”

Guill most relishes the opportunity to work with other veterans.  “I’ve been there,” he says of frustrated constituents looking for help with veterans benefits.  “Even if they get irate, I can tell them my background, and they will calm down and we can work together on their issue.”