New Dems Applaud Passage of Advanced Vehicle Technology Act

Washington D.C. -Today, the Co-Chairs of the New Democrat Coalition's Energy Task Force, Representative Ron Klein (FL-22) and Representative Debbie Halvorson (IL-11), and the New Dem Coalition Leadership led by Chair Representative Joseph Crowley (NY-7), applauded House passage of the Advanced Vehicle Technology Act (H.R. 3246).  The innovative bill was authored by New Dem Member Gary Peters (MI-09), and the New Democrat Coalition released the following statement:

"From driving to work to traveling for family vacations, cars are an integral part of American life and our national economy.  As the need for increasingly fuel efficient vehicles continues to rise, American car manufacturers must be prepared to meet this growing demand.  In order for American manufacturers to remain globally competitive, we must invest in new technologies to improve fuel efficiencies, provide greater vehicle and fuel choices for consumers, and control costs at the pump.

"The Advanced Vehicle Technology Act, authored by fellow New Dem Congressman Gary Peters, provides a much needed investment in research that will ensure quality, fuel efficient cars of the future are manufactured here in the United States.  The development of these new vehicle technologies will strengthen our energy security by reducing our dependence on foreign petroleum, strengthen our economy by protecting and creating high paying jobs, and allow American car manufacturers to remain globally competitive."

Statement supported by New Democrat Coalition Energy Task Force Co-Chairs Representative Klein (FL-22) and Representative Halvorson (IL-11) and the New Dem Leadership Members, led by Chair Representative Joseph Crowley (NY-07), and Vice-Chairs Representative Melissa Bean (IL-08), Representative Ron Kind (WI-03), Representative Allyson Schwartz (PA-13), and Representative Adam Smith (WA-09).‪

The New Democrat Coalition is composed of members committed to enacting policies that empower the U.S. to grow economically, maintain its competitiveness in the global marketplace, continue as the world's leader in innovation and technological advancement, and strengthen economic and national security. The Coalition is dedicated to providing the leadership necessary to implement policies that will ensure that America maintains its prosperity and global leadership.  For more information, visit the New Dems website at  ‪