New Dems Release Principles for Innovation and Competitiveness

Washington, D.C. - Today, the 43-member New Democrat Coalition, chaired by Rep. Joseph Crowley (NY-7), released principles that will allow our nation’s businesses and entrepreneurs to be more innovative and competitive in the global marketplace.  The principles, which were developed by the New Democrat Coalition’s Task Force on Innovation, Competitiveness and Tax Reform under the leadership of Reps. Ron Kind (WI-03) and Gerry Connolly (VA-11), were endorsed by the full Coalition.

"We must ensure our nation is not only forward thinking but forward in action through policies that promote innovation and global competitiveness," said Rep. Joseph Crowley (NY-7), New Democrat Coalition Chair. "The New Dem plan lays out a path of advancement for our businesses and workers in the global marketplace and prepares our children to become the leaders and innovators of the future."

“We’ve got to focus on innovation in order to foster growth now and also lay the foundation for an economy that’s globally competitive for generations,” said Rep. Ron Kind (WI-03).  “That means investing in education to prepare our kids for the jobs of the future and increasing trade to help our manufactures compete. And it also means supporting our small businesses and entrepreneurs, through greater access to capital and tax incentives, so that these engines of our economy continue to grow, hire, innovate.”

“Innovation will drive America’s future economic success,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly (VA-11).  “The New Democrat Coalition’s principles provide a framework for fostering innovation among the businesses of today and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, enabling them to compete and succeed in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

An innovation agenda must include a strong partnership between the private sector and the federal government to spur broad-based economic growth.  Even as we work to get our fiscal house in order, it is imperative we foster innovation that will ensure our continued economic prosperity and position in the global economy.  To maintain our competitive edge, America must provide the right environment to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

In order to accomplish this, the New Democrat Coalition outlined the basic principles for advancement which include:

  • Improving Access to Capital,
  • Encouraging Companies to Export,
  • Reforming our Nation’s Immigration Policies,
  • Creating a Path to Success for Startups and Small Business,
  • Supporting Basic Research,
  • Incentivizing Research and Development,
  • Creating an Efficient and Pro-Growth Regulatory Environment,
  • Improving Our Technology Infrastructure,
  • Enacting Comprehensive Tax Reform, and
  • Promoting Life-Long Learning.

For an in-depth look at the New Democrat Coalition Principles for Innovation and Competitiveness, please click here

Earlier today, Reps. Kind and Connolly penned an op-ed discussing how these principles apply to a 21st century economy. 

The New Democrat Coalition is dedicated to maintaining America’s standing as the world’s strongest, most successful nation. Founded in 1997, the New Dems believe firmly in the power of American ingenuity and innovation, and are focused on finding ways to foster and harness this creativity to grow our economy, create new American jobs, and ensure a safer and more secure future for our country.  For more information on the 43 member Coalition, visit the New Dems website at