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Myrick Introduces Pilot Program to Curb GSA Waste


(Washington, DC)– Today, US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) introduced a bill to curb wasteful spending perpetuated by the US General Services Administration (GSA).

The GSA Path toPrivatization Act would establish a pilot program through the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to give agencies the ability to partner with private sector companies to provide property management services. These services include negotiation of new leases, maintenance, custodial services, capital improvements, and disposal of leased space. Currently, such services are provided throughthe GSA.

“It is clear that the GSA does not have the best interest of the taxpayer in mind,” Rep. Myrick said. “GSA has been singled out by congressional committees, Inspectors Generals and watchdog groups for its gross misuse of taxpayer dollars. Unfortunately, this reckless behavior extends beyond lavish conferences”.

In a hearing today of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, it was revealed that GSA failed to gain congressional approval before leasing property in the World Trade Center, some of the most expensive property in the world.

“Time and time again, GSA has shown complete disregard for its responsibilities and the rules governing its operations. Is this the kind of organization that we need in charge of spending taxpayer dollars? I don’t think so,” Rep. Myrick said.