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General Information

College interns work closely with my staff and are given the opportunity to experience how the U.S. Senate works on a daily basis. An internship can be an exciting experience, and the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. Internships are voluntary positions, although we are happy to work with interns to help them get college credit. Responsibilities include: Attending hearings, writing issue briefs, acquiring research materials for the legislative staff. Some clerical duties are required.

Summer Program

The summer intern program is full-time. Six interns are accepted for the summer.

School Year and January Programs

This program is more flexible and can be designed around your individual schedule. It can last an entire year. Students can work part time while attending school.


Applicants for internship positions in the offices of Senator Barbara Mikulski must be Maryland residents or attending college in the state.


To apply for an internship position, complete the form that follows. Send it along with a resume; a 3-5 page writing sample; a 1-2 page essay explaining why you would like an internship (including a description of what you think the job of an intern encompasses, and what you expect to both give and gain from the job); and the names, addresses and phone numbers of three references. If you have questions, contact the Intern Coordinator at (202) 224-4654.


Deadlines for applications for intern sessions are as follows:

  • Summer Session: March 15
  • Fall Session: July 15
  • Spring Session: November 15

The selection process is highly competitive. An interview may be required as part of the process. It is recommended that you return your completed application as soon as possible. Keep a copy of your completed application before sending the original to us. Please contact the Intern Coordinator to verify receipt of your application.

Additional Information for Students Applying for Summer Internships in Washington, D.C.

Finding housing while in Washington is the responsibility of the intern. In the past, American University, Georgetown, Gallaudet, George Washington and others have offered summer housing arrangements.

Accommodations: The U.S. Senate Office of Special Services provides support services for interns with disabilities. This intern application and brochure are also available in Braille upon request.

Activities: Interns will be scheduled for tours of the Capitol and other Washington landmarks, in addition to attending seminars and lectures within the Senate on items of legislative interest. Interns are also invited to play on our office softball team.

Internships with U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski

Please click HERE, fill out and print the application, and mail. (Please make sure to 'allow pop-ups.')