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Mikulski Speaks on Senate Floor in Support of Nominee for Maryland District Court Judge Grimm

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If you need help cutting government red tape, caseworkers in my state offices will make every effort to assist you. Whether it's obtaining information on federal benefits for which you may be eligible, a problem you're having with Social Security, Medicare or veterans benefits, or an issue that needs to be resolved with a federal government agency like the Internal Revenue Service, my staff stands ready to help.  The first step is for you to send or fax a signed copy of the PAR to the office identified on the bottom of the form.  This release form gives my staff your permission to discuss your case with the appropriate federal agency. A letter explaining your problem or request is helpful, but not necessary since the Privacy Act form includes a place for this information.

Casework cannot be done by phone or email because of Privacy Act considerations. Be assured that your mailed or faxed requests will be received and acted upon promptly.  You will be notified by mail when your case has been opened with the appropriate federal agency. Please know, we cannot make anonymous inquires of any federal agency.

If your problem involves an agency of the State of Maryland or of local government, I would encourage you to write to your elected officials at that level of government. Please understand that as one of your United States Senators, it would be inappropriate for me to intervene in a state, local or court decision.


Helpful Federal Agency Links

Following you will find links to some of the federal agencies you may have questions about. Many of the most asked questions such as, "How do I apply for a passport?" "Where is the nearest VA Medical Center?" can now be answered by browsing the agencies' home pages. If you still have questions that have not been resolved after checking out their web site and calling the agency, please contact one of my state offices by phone or mail.