Congressman Reyes

Congressman Reyes


I represent the people of El Paso, Texas, in the U.S. House of Representatives; serve on the House Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committees.

El Paso, Texas ·

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Sen. Portman is spinning himself silly! Amazing how Romney team tries to rewrite history!

Gov. remember that the last four years your party has had as its number one priority to make Pres Obama a one term President.

Gov. Romney attempts to rewrite history and Pres. slams him with the facts time after time.

Gov. just endorsed the Pres.'s policies in Pakistan and Afghanistan including use of drones! Another "me too"ism.

Gov. Romney left gasping for air and grasping for straws! Pres. Calm, Cool, Confident and in command.

Gov. Romney clearly out of his element, no new ideas, lack of understanding and "me too"isms!

Pres. nailed Romney for Defense policies of the 80's, Social policies of the 50's and Economic policies of the 20's!

Unemployment rate down to 7.8% for Sept., country added 114K jobs. We cannot stop now, must help create more jobs for all.

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