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Pelosi Statement on Michigan ‘Right to Work’ Legislation

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s decision to push anti-worker “right to work” legislation through the lame-duck session of the state’s legislature:

“No matter how many ways Republican governors try to spin it, so-called ‘right to work’ legislation is bad for workers, bad for our economy, and bad for America’s middle class.  It has nothing to do with expanding workplace freedom; to the contrary, it serves to weaken the rights and wages of workers.

“The same holds true in Michigan.  Too many families continue to face daunting economic challenges.  This is no time to engage in a debilitating assault on the hard-working men and women who educate our children, build our roads, keep our neighborhoods safe, and preserve the health of our communities.

“Governor Snyder has said that his goal is unity; yet his actions only divide his constituents.  He said earlier this year that this legislation was inappropriate for Michigan; he was right then, and he is wrong now.  Rather than attack workers, it’s time for the governor to work across the aisle to create jobs, protect working families, and strengthen the middle class – the backbone of our country.”