What We Can Do For You

As your United States Senator, my top priority is ensuring the best constituent services possible. My office is able to help you with concerns and questions you have about the federal government. We can also help you navigate federal programs and interact with federal agencies.

I invite Ohio residents to visit my offices in Cleveland, Lorain, Columbus, and Cincinnati, or, use my website to gain access to the necessary constituent service forms and information. We can help with social security and disability claims, visa requests, veteran's benefits, the IRS, and more.

For Ohioans visiting our nation's Capital in Washington DC, my office can help organize tours of the Capitol and other Washington attractions, for your family, schools, or businesses and organizations. And, when Congress is in session, I host a constituent coffee every Thursday morning. All Ohioans are welcome. To learn more about the constituent coffee, visit the front page of my website.

For more information on services available to you through my office, please visit the "Constituent Services" page on my website.

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