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Legislative Resources

Here you will find many links to resources that will help you find Legislation before Congress.  You may search for bills, look at the House calendar to see what the legislative schedule is, view what is taking place in various committees, and link to the main site of both the House and Senate.  Should you ever need more information please contact Rep. Myrick's Washington, DC office at (202) 225-1976, or e-mail Rep. Myrick, and she will be happy to get you the information you desire.

Bills and Resoultions - Here you can search for the most up-to-date on legislation being considered in Congress

Votes - This Web site will allow you to see how Members of Congress voted on certain legislation.

The Official US House of Representatives Website

The Official US Senate Website

Current Legislative Activity - Here, you can see which bills are currently being considered in the US House.

House Calendar - This will allow you to see what the House schedule looks like from week to week.

Committee on Energy and Commerce - Click here for information on Committee activity.

House Intelligence Committee - Click here for information on Committee activity.

Committee Central - This page provides links to all of the US House Committees.


Immigration Reform Caucus

Reclaim American Jobs Caucus

China Caucus