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Reclaim American Jobs Caucus

Did you know:

  • There are an estimated 8 million illegal immigrants in the US workforce today?
  • More than 15 million Americans are currently unemployed?
  • By simply enforcing existing immigration laws, unemployment could be cut in half?

The link between unemployment and illegal immigration is clear.  That's why, on March 19, 2010, the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus was announced by co-chairs Reps. Lamar Smith, Gary Miller and Sue Myrick.  The Reclaim American Jobs Caucus will work to enforce our current immigration laws, increase worksite enforcement, incentivize employer use of the E-Verify system, and make sure that American citizens and legal immigrants are able to find the work they want - and deserve.

Click here for a video message from Reps. Smith, Myrick and Miller. 

Click here for an op-ed in The Daily Caller from Reps. Smith, Myrick and Miller on the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus.

State by State: How Many Illegal Immigrants Are In The Workforce?

Reclaim American Jobs Caucus Membership

Rep. W. Todd Akin (MO-02)
Rep. Spencer Bachus (AL-06)
Rep. Lou Barletta (PA-11)
Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (MD-06)
Rep. Brian Bilbray (CA-50)
Rep. Gus Bilirakis (FL-09)
Rep. Rob Bishop (UT-01)
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-07)
Rep. Mo Brooks (AL-05)
Rep. Dan Burton (IN-05)
Rep. Ken Calvert (CA-44)
Rep. Shelly Moore Capito (WV-02)
Rep. John Carter (TX-31)
Rep. Mike Coffman (CO-06)
Rep. K. Michael Conaway (TX-11)
Rep. Randy Forbes (VA-04)
Rep. Trent Franks (AZ-02)
Rep. Elton Gallegly (CA-24)
Rep. Phil Gingrey (GA-11)
Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01)
Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA-52)
Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49)
Rep. Walter Jones (NC-03)
Rep. Steve King (IA-05)
Rep. Jack Kingston (GA-1)
Rep. Tom Latham (IA-04)
Rep. Bob Latta (OH-05)
Rep. Kenny Marchant (TX-24)
Rep. Michael McCaul (TX-10)
Rep. Patrick McHenry (NC-10)
Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC-07)
Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon (CA-25)
Rep. Gary G. Miller (CA-42)
Rep. Jeff Miller (FL-01)
Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-09)
Rep. Alan Nunnelee (MS-01)
Rep. Phil Roe (TN-01)
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46)
Rep. Dennis Ross (FL-12)
Rep. Ed Royce (CA-40)
Rep. Pete Sessions (TX-32)
Rep. Lamar Smith (TX-21)
Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-2)