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Myrick, Colleagues Introduce The Jobs Through Growth Act

On Nov. 2, US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) joined with her colleagues from the Republican Study Committee to introduce The Jobs Through Growth Act, a bill that will grow our economy through three key reforms: tax reform, business regulatory reform, and domestic energy reform.

“The bill introduced today is what the American people and business owners have told us they need – they need certainty,” Rep. Myrick said. “This three part plan does just that”. 

Key actions of The Jobs Through Growth Act include:

Reform the Tax Code through lower tax rates for American families so that they are able to keep more of their hard-earned pay checks, and a lower corporate tax rate for businesses, making the US competitive in a global market. This bill also closes the loopholes that incentivize sending US jobs offshore.

Cut The Red Tape by preventing new regulations from being implemented until unemployment rates decrease, and by requiring Congressional approval of major regulations going forward.

Expand American Energy Production by opening up leases for exploration of and use of resourceson the Outer Continental Shelf and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This bill also approves the construction of the Keystone pipeline. All of these actions will create thousands of much-needed jobs and scale back our nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources.

Putting Our County Back To Work

Businesses need stability and certainty. 

As a former small business owner herself, Rep. Myrick understands the challenges facing small businesses.  She believes the government needs to get off the backs of business owners and let them spend their valuable time and money creating jobs- not struggling to comply with excessive and expensive government regulations. 

Right now, the most critical issue we face is a lack of jobs, and the most important thing we can do is help get the American people back to work.  Rep. Myrick is committed to passing legislation that gives entrepreneurs incentives to invest and create jobs, and small business owners the resources to expand.  These small business owners - who provide an overwhelming percentage of our jobs - need certainty so that they can invest in their businesses and hire more hardworking Americans. 

What can be done?

The House of Representatives has passed 25 bills that would decrease burdensome regulations on businesses, allowing them to expand and create jobs. (Click here for a full list.)  In addition to these bills, Rep. Myrick supports the reforms below to strengthen our economy and put Americans back to work. 

Better Healthcare

  • Rep. Myrick supports Association Health Plans that will allow small business owners to link up with other small businesses and offer competitive health care coverage for their employees.   
  • Rep. Myrick supports Health Savings Accounts so that small business employees can invest money in a tax-free health care account that will help both small business employees and employers with heath care flexibility.   
  • Rep. Myrick supports making health care costs 100% tax deductible for small business owners and the self employed.   
  • Rep. Myrick is also fighting for medical liability reform to protect innocent small businesses from personal injury lawyers.
Lower Taxes
  •  Rep. Myrick has voted to eliminate the death tax so small business owners and family farms can be passed on to the next generation, rather than liquidated to pay the tax bill.
  • Rep. Myrick voted to lower personal income taxes.  Lowering personal income taxes helped many small business owners who file a personal return for their business.  
  •  Rep. Myrick has voted to lower capital gains taxes as an incentive for people to take the leap and start their own business.
Small Business Job Creation
  • Rep. Myrick voted to increase the deprecation rates for small businesses, so that the small business owner would have access to money to reinvest in his or her business.   
  • Rep. Myrick voted for $100,000 in tax incentives for small businesses so they can reinvest in their companies. This will help them expand and hire more workers.    
  • Rep. Myrick is fighting to make sure free trade is fair trade. Every country- including China- needs to play by the same rules so there is a level playing field for American businesses.
  • Locally, Rep. Myrick helped create an economic blueprint called Gaston 2012. Now everyone in Gaston County follows the same plan to create jobs, and this plan is working.
  • Rep. Myrick has supported the development of a business incubator in Gaston County so small businesses can pull together resources to lower their costs. Lower costs and lower taxes mean they can hire more workers.
  • Rep. Myrick has fought for the Gaston Garden Parkway and the Monroe By-pass, and helped get these roads funding, because these new roads will relieve traffic congestion and will attract new jobs.
  •  Rep. Myrick has also been the driving force behind a new idea in the Charlotte area.  She has developed an idea that a defense cluster in our area would bring in high paying manufacturing jobs.

***For information on jobs and business resources in the 9th District, please click here.***