Washington DCToday, following the House Armed Services Committee hearing on sequestration, Ranking Member Smith released the following statement expressing his displeasure with the nature and tone of the hearing:

“I would like to thank the Chairman for hosting today’s hearing and providing us with an opportunity to explore potential solutions to avert sequestration. However, I am disheartened that too many on the majority side wasted this opportunity to have a serious discussion and, instead of acknowledging that they have to be part of the effort to find a solution, spent their time trying to blame the White House.

“On occasions, the majority spent a vast amount of their time badgering the witness and not allowing them to respond.  What is the point of calling a witness and not allowing them to speak? It is not our role to play judge, jury and witness.

“Today’s hearing was an unfortunate display and a clear attempt by the majority to abdicate themselves of a problem they helped create and a problem they have a responsibility to help fix.”