Flag Requests

One of the services my office provides to Wisconsin constituents is the opportunity to own a flag flown over the United States Capitol. You can obtain a flag by filling out the request form and mailing it, along with proper payment, to:

Senator Herb Kohl
Attn: Tom Stowe
330 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-4903

Please include your name, address, and a phone number where you can be reached.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept flag requests via e-mail. A flag certificate will accompany the flag verifying that the flag was flown over the U.S. Capitol. This certificate will also contain information, with respect to when and for whom the flag was flown, provided by you when filling out the form.

The price of the flags is shown below. Please include an additional $4.00 per flag for shipping. Should you choose to have a flag flown over the Capitol, please also include an additional $4.05 for flying/certifying each flag. The price of the flags is as follows:

Size Type Quantity Sub-Total
3' X 5' nylon ___ x $9.00
3' X 5' cotton ___ x $9.25
5' X 8' nylon ___ x $18.00
5' X 8' cotton ___ x $20.00
Flying & Certification Cost ___ x $4.05
Shipping & Handling ___ x $4.00



The following information will be used for your flag certificate, so please be specific and clear.

Date you would like your flag flown over the Capitol:

Person or organization for whom the flag will be flown:

Occasion for which flag will be flown:

Please return payment and completed form to the following address:

Senator Herb Kohl
330 Hart Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-4903
Attn: Tom Stowe

Check or Money Order should be made payable to Keeper of the Stationery.

Due to the mail security screening process in the United States Senate, mail can be delayed between one and two weeks. To ensure that your flag is flown on the date you have selected, please be sure to take the screening process into account as you complete your flag form.

From requested fly date, please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Please note that we cannot accept flag requests via Internet or the telephone because we must receive payment in order to fly the flags.

Upon receipt of your flag, please make sure the correct information has been included on the flag certificate. If a flag certificate contains a mistake or spelling error, my office will be more than happy to make the correction and send the new certificate to your home. However, in compliance with a new policy issued by the Office of the Architect of the Capitol, all original certificates must be presented to the Architect’s Office for the correction to be made. Therefore, if a certificate needs to be corrected, please mail the certificate with a notation of the correction to my office in Washington D.C. and a new certificate will be mailed to your home. Should you have any questions, please call (202) 224-5653.