Service Academy Nominations

Each year, I have the honor of nominating young men and women from Wisconsin for selection to one of our four service academies for which a nomination is required: United States Air Force, Merchant Marine, West Point, and Naval Academies. (The United States Coast Guard Academy does not use Congressional nominations in its appointment process.)

During a four-year degree course, you will be enrolled in academic subjects, receive military/transportation training, participate in traditional extracurricular activities, as well as being involved in intercollegiate or intramural sports. Your summers will be spent in training either abroad, at the Academy, or at military installations across the United States. Upon graduation you will be commissioned as an officer, or in the case of the Merchant Marine Academy, you will have the option to receive an active duty commission and be required to secure employment in the maritime industry.

To be considered for a nomination, candidates should have a strong academic background, participation in school and community activities (particularly in leadership positions), a high standard of physical fitness, and a desire to be challenged to the fullest. My office has set up a competitive nomination process which assures that every applicant for a nomination has a fair chance to compete for available openings. An applicant is encouraged to apply to all nominating authorities, as well as all academies in which he or she has an interest.

If you have any questions, please contact Marlene Mielke in my Appleton office at (920) 738-1640.

Please remember that Members of Congress can only NOMINATE individuals for academy consideration. Academies then offer APPOINTMENTS to the most fully qualified and outstanding candidates.


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