Press Release

Chairman Price Applauds Passage of PNTR


Washington, D.C.– House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) applauded the bipartisan passage of H.R. 6156, which would grant “Permanent Normal Trade Relations” (PNTR) status for Russia and Moldova, saying:


“As one of the top 10 economies in the world, Russia presents opportunities for American businesses. Increasing our exports to this nation will help boost our economy and create jobs right here at home. This is a boon for our homegrown companies right now as we work through prolonged economic challenges.


“This bill, which should rightly be called the Expand American Exports to Russia Act, will allow the U.S. to enjoy enforceable rights and recourse in the Russian market. While the social realities and governmental practices of Russia are terribly flawed, we have the ability to positively impact the nation through our interactions with them by providing an example of our own values and the importance and power of greater personal and economic freedom.


“I’d like to thank Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp and all those involved in crafting this agreement for their tireless efforts and leadership on this critical issue.”