Aug 02 2012

Mack Calls for Prioritizing U.S. Security with Mexico

WASHINGTON- Today Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14), Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, introduced bipartisan legislation, the United States – Mexico Cross-Border Security Act, which instructs the President to develop a Whole-of-Government Plan to combat Mexican drug cartels that have expanded and matured into violent transnational criminal organizations (TCOs). 

Chairman Mack said: “As I have stated before: current U.S. policy with Mexico does not address the national security challenge we face. The evolution and resilience of violent transnational criminal organizations in Mexico has outpaced this Administration’s response. As these groups move easily between the United States and Mexico, they continue to ratchet up the level of violence. These TCOs know no limits and are a severe threat to citizens on both sides of the border.”

“We can no longer afford to stand by and sacrifice the security of our country and our people. Too many American citizens have been terrorized as a direct result of the drug violence in Mexico and the impact extends from our national security to our economy. I call on the Administration to prioritize U.S. security and the U.S. economy in the face of this cross-border threat.”

Mack’s plan coordinates an inter-agency effort to:

· Target the operations, financial networks, and money laundering techniques of TCOs within the United States.

· Secure the United States – Mexico border by addressing resources, technology, personnel, and infrastructure – ensuring legal trade and the economic prosperity of both the United States and Mexico.

 · Support Mexico in combating illegal activity and violence caused by TCOs – safeguarding an ally and valuable trading partner. 

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