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Reagan advisor: Long term budget problems are caused by low revenues not Social Security/Medicare.

Many constituents stopped by today to share their support for extending tax cuts for middle-class Americans

Check out piece: while heading to fiscal cliff costing families $2k, House GOP heads to vacay and shopping spree for Mbrs.

GOP says raising rates on top 2% will hurt jobs&econ. It won't–but threatening default on our debt&receiving another credit downgrade will

GOP realizing that Americans want rich to pay their fair share. Time for them to stop holding the middle class hostage.

Don’t know why GOP left town with all that needs to be done. Maybe to avoid signing discharge petition on middle class tax cuts.

178 signatures on the petition to force a vote on extending middle class tax cuts. 218 needed. Keep track:

New poll: Americans don’t want to see Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security cut in fiscal cliff talks.

Msg for : Acting on Senate-passed Middle Class Tax Cut bill would resolve half of fiscal cliff immediately

continues to hold hostage for 7.3 million NY families-why I signed discharge petition forcing House vote.

I stand with Americans & small businesses & signed the discharge petition to bring to a vote. -SFL

FedEx CEO: GOP mythology to claim that increasing top marginal tax rates would hurt job creation.

House Democrats working to force GOP leaders to allow a vote on Senate passed middle class tax cuts

Americans frustrated w/ GOP threat to go over the fiscal cliff to protect tax breaks for millions.

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