Small Business

Small Business

Successful small businesses are the backbone of a healthy economy.  In 2008, 98% of Washington State’s employers were small businesses, accounting for nearly 55% of private-sector jobs in the state. 

In these tough economic times, it is more important than ever that we provide the assistance that our small businesses need. Visiting with hundreds of small businesses throughout the 9th District has reinforced the importance of fostering growth of our small businesses and ensuring they are able to compete and thrive. 

An effective relationship and dialogue with the federal government is critical to the success of small businesses.  I strongly believe in economic policies that spur small business growth, including tax credits and programs that make it easier to wade through the various regulations and paperwork often required to do business with the federal government. Through my annual procurement workshop, I have helped to introduce hundreds of local business leaders to all of the steps necessary to become competitive for federal contracts, and have helped to level the playing field between small businesses and large corporations.

As we work to recover from the economic crisis, I am committed to creating an environment in which small businesses have the resources available they need to succeed.  This includes straightforward access to the government, including the Small Business Administration, tax credits to incentivize growth and investment, adequate access to capital and credit, and a thriving economy.

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