As our nation emerges from a unique and serious economic crisis, a necessary step in stabilizing our economy is shoring up our housing markets. This means keeping qualified homeowners in their homes, and reducing the number of foreclosures and houses vacant in the market. 

The number of people currently receiving unemployment benefits has reached its highest level since 1982, and the recession that our country has experienced could still lead to potentially more layoffs. This means that significant numbers of individuals and families’ housing situations will be placed into jeopardy when their paychecks and savings disappear.  It is important to continue assisting people in becoming homeowners and to prevent any unfair and predatory lending practices. We should ensure homeowners have adequate protections and do not lose the home equity they have built over many years. I will work towards a balance between limiting predatory or irresponsible lending and allowing lenders to continue to make loans that are legitimately priced according to the risk of the borrowers. 

Housing and community development are key to citizens' quality of life and I support empowerment zones and other incentive-based programs to encourage investment and development in communities in need. We can also keep interest rates low by reducing the federal debt and improve public housing programs to help families find affordable housing.

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