The infrastructure challenges facing Southwest Florida, the state, and the nation continue to grow.  In Southwest Florida, the ability to expand I-75 and other north-south - as well as east-west - corridors is vital to ensuring the long-term economic well-being, quality of life, and safety of our residents and visitors.  That's why ensuring we have the necessary resources to expand I-75 is one of my highest priorities, and why I'm pleased to be a member of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee.

Some of my work on infrastructure issues includes:

I-75 Expansion: Thanks to Southwest Florida's unified voice, I succeeded in working with my colleagues in 2005 to secure $81.1 million for the expansion of I-75.  Construction has already begun on the highway, which will be expanded from four lanes to six along a 30-mile stretch from Golden Gate Parkway in Collier County to Colonial Boulevard in Lee County.  The additional lanes will help to ease congestion, make the roads safer, and improve the flow of goods on the major thoroughfare in Southwest Florida.

Funding for Road Projects: The State of Florida receives approximately 90 cents back for every dollar that we send to Washington.  Since I've been in Congress, I have fought for bringing more of our hard-earned money back to Florida and successfully secured funding for several infrastructure projects in Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties.  In 2007, I secured funding for U.S. 41 capacity improvements along four of the busiest and most dangerous intersections in Lee County (College Parkway, Daniels Parkway, Gladiolus Drive and Bonita Beach Road), I-75/Collier Boulevard/SR 84 interchange improvements in Collier County, and widening the Burnt Store Road Evacuation Route in Charlotte County.  These improvements will make our roads safer for residents and visitors. 

Water Infrastructure Projects: In addition to securing funding for transportation projects, I secured funding for several environmental and water infrastructure projects that will allow for responsible growth in our region while at the same time protecting our environment.  Click on the Environment Issues tab to review my work on environmental issues.

Gas Taxes: With gas prices averaging over $4 a gallon, I strongly oppose efforts to increase the federal gas tax.  Instead of raising the gas tax and further empowering bureaucrats in Washington, we should look at alternative solutions to fund our nation's infrastructure needs, such as allowing states like Florida to keep those gas tax revenues so they can best decide how to spend this money.  I also support ideas such as public-private partnerships and examining our spending priorities in other areas of the federal budget to finance highway projects.

Airports in Southwest Florida: As a result of the tremendous development in our region, Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) has experienced incredible growth over the last several decades and today is one of the 50 busiest airports in the United States.  In addition, Naples Municipal Airport, Page Field in Fort Myers, and Charlotte County Airport have all experienced an increase in passenger and freight traffic.  I have fought for airport improvement grants and more resources for Southwest Florida airports and will continue to advocate for keeping airport fees and aviation excise taxes low.

Aviation Issues: I supported legislation, the Fair Treatment for Experienced Pilots Act (H.R. 4343), which was signed into law in December 2007, that will eliminate the age 60 requirement for commercial airline pilots and raise it to age 65 while still requiring rigorous medical reviews and training.  In addition, I strongly support implementing the Next Generation ATC (Next Gen) technology in our nation's air traffic control system.  This new, advanced technology will make our air traffic control system safer, more efficient and increase capacity.

Infrastructure Roundtable: I formed a roundtable group, comprised of local community leaders, to discuss infrastructure issues facing our region and country.  My infrastructure roundtable meets on a regular basis to discuss innovative solutions for all aspects of our transportation systems, both locally and nationally.

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