Message From Senator

Welcome students!

Your teachers and professors encourage you to learn inside and outside the classroom. I have met with thousands of students in my time in public service, and I always share similar advice with them: Never stop learning. My online office offers a number of resources to help you with your work class work, homework and to prepare you for life after high school and college.

Here you will find a history of the U.S. Senate, a powerful legislative body in which the likes of Everett Dirksen, Jesse Helms, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon served. I am humbled by the history of this institution. The desk at which I work in the Senate chamber is the same desk used by President George W. Bush’s grandfather, Senator Prescott S. Bush of Connecticut. After I delivered my first speech on the Senate floor, marking President George Washington’s Birthday, I signed a commemorative book that Senators Barry Goldwater of Arizona and Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota, as well as North Carolina’s Terry Sanford, had signed.

You will also find information about how the Senate works. The body has evolved over its more than 200 years of existence. The Senate Historical Office will be able help you understand precisely how it has evolved.

College students from all over North Carolina intern in my office for part of the summer or for a semester. These interns are important to my office. Interns work closely with my legislative and press staff. I encourage you to apply for an internship. You will find internship information here.