Fiscal Responsibility

Low spending and low taxes go hand-in-hand. As a member of the Budget Committee, I'm working to reduce the size of the deficit and to balance the federal budget.

In addition, I've co-sponsored several pieces of legislation to help reduce the tax burden on hard-working families and businesses (please visit the Tax Relief section for more information).

By reducing wasteful spending and keeping taxes low, we will restore fiscal responsibility in Washington and help ensure families and businesses can save and invest in their futures.

Some policies I support to bring greater transparency and fiscal restraint to federal spending include:

Line Item Veto: I am an original cosponsor of the Legislative Line Item Veto Act (H.R. 689), which would allow the President to eliminate wasteful spending items within appropriations bills and would require an up-or-down vote in Congress on the proposed cuts.  This vital tool would go a long way toward restoring fiscal discipline in Washington.

Balanced Budget Amendment: I am an original cosponsor of legislation that would add an amendment to the U.S. Constitution (H.J.Res. 1) requiring a balanced federal budget for each fiscal year.  We simply cannot pass the burden of out-of-control federal spending on to our children and grandchildren.  Mandating a balanced federal budget every year will ensure our priorities are met in a fiscally responsible manner and ensure our children and grandchildren are not burdened by a legacy of debts and deficits.

Earmark Reform: Given the several abuses of the last decade, there is no question that the federal appropriations process is in need of an overhaul.  I strongly support accountability and transparency in the appropriations process so that taxpayers know their money is being spent wisely and efficiently.

Accountable Budgeting: Part of restoring fiscal discipline is to ensure the federal budget is developed in a manner that accounts for our 21st Century economy.  Today, however, the federal budget is based on a complex, confusing and outdated system of accounting practices that needs to be reviewed and updated.  That's why in 2006, I joined Congressman Ander Crenshaw (FL-04) to launch the Accountable Budgeting Caucus, which encourages Congress to get back to budget basics by establishing more reliable accounting practices such as dynamic scoring and modernizing the entire budget process. 

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