Robert Menendez

US Senator for New Jersey
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Senator Menendez's office receives an overwhelming number of applications from many highly qualified students for internships, which makes the selection process very difficult. We encourage you to formally apply for an internship by completing the application that is available on-line.

Please note: Due to enhanced security procedures, mail delivery to the Capitol complex is delayed by approximately three (3) weeks. Applicants are asked to send only one application either by mail or by fax. Because of the number of applications theoffice receives, staff members are not able to return calls to confirm receipt of applications.

Please also note that there are two summer sessions consisting of six weeks each.  You may apply for either or both sessions. 

Summer Session One: May 29, 2012 to July 6, 2012

Summer Session Two: July 9, 2012 to August 17, 2012

Deadlines for application:

Summer Session One: April 1, 2012

Summer Session Two: May 1, 2012

Fall Semester: August 1, 2012

Spring Semester: November 15, 2012

Applicants will be called to interview via phone on a rolling basis until the application deadline.  Candidates will be told of their acceptance no later than one week after the application deadline.


Internship Locations: Washington, D.C., Newark, and Barrington

Applications for the Washington, D.C. office should be mailed to:

    Senator Robert Menendez
    528 Senate Hart Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    Attn: Intern Coordinator
    or Email to

Applications for the Newark office should be mailed to:

    Senator Robert Menendez
    One Gateway Center, Suite 1100
    Newark, New Jersey 07102
    Attn: Intern Coordinator

Applications for the Barrington office should be mailed to:

    Senator Robert Menendez
    208 White Horse Pike, Suite 18
    Barrington, New Jersey 08007
    Attn: Intern Coordinator

Please attach a copy of your resume with a cover letter, a writing sample, and a list of three (non-family members) references. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for an internship.

Print out and complete the intern application form and mail it to the appropriate office (Internship Application -- PDF) Thank you.



The United States Senate Page Program program provides a tremendous opportunity for students to learn about Congress, while spending a semester in Washington, DC. Pages play an important role in the day-to-day operation of the Senate while watching history in the making. Living away from home and attending school with students from across the country allows pages to experience a myriad of new ideas, perspectives, and issues. Pages meet some of the nation's most prominent leaders and witness firsthand the political debates of the United States Senate, often referred to as the "greatest deliberative body in the world."

Your interest in the Senate Page Program is a positive indication to us that you are a concerned American citizen with willingness to learn and contribute significantly to the Legislative branch of our government. Perhaps such an experience will lead to a future of service to the United States and its citizenry, as it has in Pages of past generations.

Requirement to be a United States Senate Page:

There are only thirty Page positions in the United States Senate. Therefore not all Senators are able to appoint Pages. Due to the limited number of positions and the volume of interested students, competition is keen and, unfortunately, not all students who seek a position can be accommodated. Listed below are the general requirements for being a Page:

  1. Senate Pages must be sponsored by a Senator;
  2. Pages must be citizens of the United States or subject to agreements of the Department of State, and must have a social security number;
  3. Pages must be high school juniors who will be 16 or 17 on or before the date of appointment;
  4. Pages must verify a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a home school transcript and a certification of immunization to qualify for attendance at the school;

Additionally, Pages are required to provide a certificate of immunization and general health assessment completed by a licensed physician. Pages must be covered by health insurance; if not covered they will be required to enroll in the Federal employees Health Benefits Program.

Applying to be a Page:

There are four established page sessions. The academic year consists of two semesters, which run from early September through mid-January and from mid-January through mid-June. The summer program consists of two sessions, which are three or four week's duration depending on the legislative calendar.

All applicants are required to complete the online application, and submit it along with a cover letter and resume, official transcript, and two letters of recommendation. Applications for fall session are due on July 2nd. All materials should be placed in one packet and mailed to:

    The Honorable Robert Menendez
    United States Senate
    528 Senate Hart Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510
    ATTN: Page Program

or email to

When and if you are notified of your selection to serve as a Page, you will be furnished with further information and requirements of the program.