Press Releases

WASHINGTON—The House Republican Conference today selected Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) to continue his service as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee in the 113th Congress. 

“I am honored that my colleagues have chosen me to continue to lead one of the most productive and bi-partisan committees in the House. America’s military faces unprecedented challenges around the world. Our troops bear a heavy burden, fatigued after a decade of tough fighting, while confronted with new security threats abroad and dwindling resources here at home," Rep. McKeon said. "Members of the Committee, both Republicans and Democrats, must come together next year to allocate appropriate resources to our national defense, meet future threats, ensure a stable and secure transition in Afghanistan, and honor our commitments to service members and their families."

“The Armed Services Committee has a long history of building a bi-partisan national security consensus. We have talented and energetic members on both sides of the aisle who lead their parties and the nation in defending our freedom. I look forward to working with Ranking Member Adam Smith (D-WA) as we face these challenges together," Rep. McKeon continued.

In addition, Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) will again serve as the Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee in the 113th Congress. Rep. Thornberry was first tapped by Speaker John Boehner to serve as the Committee’s Vice Chairman in December 2010.

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with Chairman McKeon and all of the members from both sides of the aisle to defend our nation. The threats we face continue to evolve, and we must help ensure that we are prepared for a fast-changing—and still dangerous—world,” Rep. Thornberry said.