Title 10, USC

Title 10 - U.S. Code - Armed Forces


    (As Amended Through January 7, 2011) Subtitle A, General Military Law (§§ 101– 3000) Subtitle B, Army (§§ 3001–5000) Subtitle C, Navy & Marine Corps (§§ 5001–8000) Subtitle D, Air Force (§§ 8001–10000) Subtitle E, Reserve Components (§§ 10001–end) (TITLE 10, UNITED STATES CODE—ARMED FORCES (VOLUMES I, II, III).pdf - 5.3 MBs)

Individual Volumes

(As Amended Through January 7, 2011)

Title 10, United States Code, contains the organic law governing the Armed Forces of the United States and providing for the organization of the Department of Defense, including the military departments and the Reserve Components. Title 32, United States Code, contains the law relating to the administration of the National Guard. Titles 10 and 32 were enacted into positive law by the Act of August 10, 1956 (70A Stat. 1), as a codification of all laws then in existence that were permanent and of general applicability to the Armed Forces and the National Guard. By the same Act, Congress repealed the numerous source laws for the codification.

Title 10 is comprised of five subtitles, as follows:

  • Subtitle A, General Military Law.
  • Subtitle B, Army.
  • Subtitle C, Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Subtitle D, Air Force.
  • Subtitle E, Reserve Components.
This committee print shows the current text of title 10 as amended through January 7, 2011, and a listing, after each section, of the statutes that added that section to title 10 and that have since amended it.

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