Committee Staff

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
838 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
(202) 224-2251

  Majority Staff


Loretta Tuell - Majority Staff Director and Chief Counsel

Lenna Aoki - General Counsel

Christiane Cardoza - Legislative Assistant

Jade Danner - Policy Director

Denise Desiderio - Senior Counsel

Wendy Helgemo - Counsel

Cisco Minthorn - Counsel

Josh Pitre - Professional Staff

Blue Thomas - Counsel

Emily Deimel - Communications Director

Buchi Offodile - Communications Assistant

Alexa Old Crow - Legislative Aide

Aleigha Old Crow - Staff Assistant

Minority Staff


David Mullon - Staff Director and Chief Counsel
Rhonda Harjo - Deputy Chief Counsel
Ken Degenfelder - Legislative Aide
Daniel Carter - Counsel
Mariah Thompson - Counsel
Eli Bailey - Legislative Assistant


Non-Designated Staff

Marilyn Bruce - Clerk
Jim Eismeier - Administrator Director
Jack Fulmer - Printer
Sarah Overton - Receptionist
David Stuart - Director of Information Technology

Updated September 29, 2012