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Our parents and grandparents left us a strong America and a growing economy. Meanwhile, trillion-dollar deficits have left our future generations saddled with debt. Our children and grandchildren - this is who House Republicans are fighting for.
12/5/12 House Republican Leadership Press Conference
House Republicans have proposed a plan to avert the coming fiscal cliff. If the president does not agree with that proposal, he has an obligation to submit a plan of his own that can pass both houses of Congress. House Republicans are willing and ready to work with the president to avoid this crisis.
11/28/12 House Republican Leadership Press Conference
House Republicans are committed to working with the President and Senate Democrats to avoid the fiscal cliff. They are open to raising revenue through meaningful tax reform that lowers rates for all, as long as it is accompanied by significant spending cuts and entitlement reform that secures those programs for future generations.
Weekly Republican Address 11/22/12: Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)
Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) thanks our military and their families for their dedicated service and sacrifice, and keeps the victims of Hurricane Sandy in our thoughts and prayers this holiday season. The 'fiscal cliff' looms closer--triggering the largest tax increase in our nation's history. Republicans are ready to work with the President and Democrats for a balanced approach of instilling tax reform and significant spending cuts to prevent it from taking effect, and help grow our economy. Tax increases will only hurt small businesses and prevent them from hiring--devastating impacts on our economic recovery.
Weekly Republican Address: Speaker Boehner on Helping Our Economy Grow
Delivering the Weekly Republican Address, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) highlights his call for bipartisan action on a plan to avert the fiscal cliff and help our economy grow and create jobs, which is critical to solving our debt. A former small business owner, Boehner notes that a Senate-passed proposal to go off part of the fiscal cliff by raising the top two tax rates would, according to independent accounting firm Ernst & Young, destroy more than 700,000 American jobs. "Instead of raising tax rates on the American people and accepting the damage it will do to our economy," Boehner says, "let's start to actually solve the problem" and make 2013 the "year to begin to solve our debt through tax reform and entitlement reform." Boehner also thanks America's veterans and their families for their service as the nation prepares to mark Veterans Day.
9/20/12 House Republican Leadership Press Conference
Thirty-eight jobs bills have passed the House and are now stuck in the Democrat-led Senate. House Republicans have shown leadership on this issue, and it is time for Democrats in the Senate and the White House to do the same.

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