Appropriations Information

As a Member of the House Committee on Appropriations, I serve on three Subcommittees in the 112th Congress: Chairman of the Legislative Branch Subcommittee and member of the Defense, and the Homeland Security Subcommittees.

Our nation is at a cross-road with clear choices in the months and years ahead: fiscal responsibility or continued reckless, big-government spending. I am committed to working with Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) and my colleagues for clearly-defined and thoroughly-analyzed policies that provide a foundation for a vibrant and strong economic future for generations to come.

Congress must enact reforms to return confidence and transparency to the appropriations process. That work includes, but is not limited to, earmark reform, cuts to wasteful spending, and a review of the failed policies of the Democratic Administration that have damaged the economy and pocketbooks of all Americans.

A seat on the Defense Appropriations Committee will allow me to ensure that the needs of our nation’s military bases, including those in Northeast Florida, are met and that our servicemen and women have the necessary tools to wage the war on terror at home and around the globe. A central part of that national security mission is the homeporting of a nuclear aircraft carrier at Naval Station Mayport – a fight I will continue until a carrier sails into Mayport.

At the Legislative Branch Subcommittee, we’ll take the same steps that American taxpayers have taken to do more with less by cutting committee, leadership, and member office budgets. We are talking the first step. We are going to cut our own spending, and that’s what we will demand from every agency in the government. We can do a whole lot more with a whole lot less, and we all know it.

Keeping our homeland safe and secure must be a top focus for all of Congress, and the Homeland Security Subcommittee will play a central role in ensuring that we can stand strong against terrorism. From coast to coast, through the heartland, and along our borders, law enforcement at all levels is battling this very real threat and I look forward to supporting their mission through my work on this subcommittee.

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