As a lifelong resident of the 9th District, I'm very proud to represent it in Congress. I truly believe it is the most beautiful and vibrant region in the country, with a rich history and an even more promising future. Hopefully the information I've compiled here on the 9th District and the Puget Sound region will be helpful to you.

Washington's 9th Congressional District includes parts of King, Pierce and Thurston Counties. Approximately 50 percent of the Ninth District's population resides in King County, 40 percent in Pierce County, and 10 percent in Thurston County. The Ninth Congressional District is a classic suburban district, covering the cities and other communities of the South Puget Sound region. Its geography is diverse, including many miles of Puget Sound shoreline, lush valleys carved by ice-age glaciers, and all with a stunning view of the majestic Mount Rainier standing tall at 14,410 feet.

Interactive Map
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King County

Thurston County

Pierce County