Federal Business Opportunities

FedBizOpps (Federal Business Opportunities) is a single point of entry for announcements of federal contract opportunities over $25,000 for civilian and military agencies. It serves both federal agencies as buyers and businesses as vendors to the government. Since the FedBizOpps site is not an easy site to navigate, do not hesitate to call the toll-free helpline number: (877) 472-3779.

As a vendor you can search for agency announcements, awards of contracts, and requests for proposals. In order to search this complicated website well, first review the Vendors Guide for tips on searching by agency, classification codes,or award categories. Also, sign up for e-mail notification of announcements of particular agencies or for activity concerning particular products or services.For companies wishing to conduct continuing business with the government, apply to be a GSA Schedule contractor through a solicitation in FedBizOpps.

Subcontracting Opportunities

A federal contract may be so large that a single company might have difficulty in providing the products or services required to meet the terms of the contract. A prime contractor may need to use subcontractors to complete contractual obligations.

  •  SUB-Net U.S. Small Business Administration Subcontracting Network Identify subcontract opportunities by reviewing the postings of prime contractors.
  •  Subcontracting Opportunities Directory (SBA) identify prime contractors through a listing of contractors, with addresses and phone numbers, by state.

Other Resources

Checking individual federal agency websites can be a valuable first step forbusinesses who believe that they have a specialized service or product to offerto a specific agency. The government's official Web portal, FirstGov, provideslinks to the websites of federal agencies, through an A-Z Index. Other usefulwebsites include: