• Agriculture


    America’s farming economy has been a source of strength and pride for our nation throughout our history. Here in Flori... read more
  • Army Corps of Engineers

    Army Corps of Engineers

    The Army Corp of Engineers plays a vital role in our community. I am proud to work with the dedicated Army Corps employees on... read more
  • Budget


    Each and every dollar the federal government spends represents the hard work of our American taxpayers. This is your money, a... read more
  • Defense


    Protecting the lives of American citizens is the number one responsibility of the US government. That is why I will continue... read more
  • Energy


    Lowering Gas Prices and Pursuing Energy Reform read more
  • Environment


    It’s essential that we maintain a balanced approach in terms of our environment. We must be good stewards of our natur... read more
  • Health Care

    Health Care

    America has the highest quality health care of any country in the world, but when millions of Americans can’t afford it... read more
  • Immigration


    Legal immigrants have made many positive contributions to our nation in terms of economic growth and cultural heritage. Howe... read more
  • Medicare


    The Republican led Congress made good on a promise to our seniors by passing sweeping Medicare reform two years ago. “... read more
  • Tax Reform

    Tax Reform

    There’s no question we need to reform our tax codes. Not only must we push to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, taxpay... read more
  • Transportation


    Part of the federal responsibility of Congress is to make roads, rails, and the skies across America as safe as possible. read more
  • Social Security

    Social Security

    Although benefits for today’s seniors and for those about to retire are safe, we must take action now to preserve these... read more
  • Veterans


    We owe a great debt to the men and women who fought for our country in defense of freedom and democracy. Throughout my tenur... read more