Flood Preparedness

Flood Preparedness

Securing a permanent fix for the Howard Hanson Dam and the corresponding levee systems is the top priority for addressing potential flooding in the Ninth District.  To that end I appreciate the bipartisan effort of the Washington State delegation in securing the Federal support the Army Corps of Engineers needs to restore the safety of the dam and levee systems to their full potential.

In order to ensure the well-being of the people and the region while the permanent fix is completed, it is imperative that the Interim Risk Reduction Measures continue to move forward as quickly as possible. I am working closely to ensure that happens with both the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency at both the federal and local levels.

Flooding Assistance

Below are links to local government agencies and organizations providing resources and helpful information. If you are having trouble locating resources please contact my office at 253.593.6600. If you need help locating health and human services please call 211. 

To help prepare for a flood, learn how to apply for flood insurance or access flood zone maps go to www.fema.gov.

For additional information related to floods visit the websites below:

Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division

Washington State Emergency Management Division

Storm Assistance Information

Stay Safe in Bad Weather

Department of Transportation

For local resources visit your county websites: Pierce County; King County; Thurston County.

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